Unpacking the ACLU’s Lies on Trans Sports

The ACLU have put out a thread on twitter in which they ‘debunk’ four myths about transgender people in sports. Let’s unpack the lies.

What the ACLU call ‘myths’ are statements of fact, and their own attempts at debunking are a series of lies, misdirections and clever but empty phrases. No doubt this series of tweets was carefully worded by one of their lawyers. 

So, their first claim is one of the most outrageous. Much has been discussed about the nature of biological sex. The fact remains that humans are a sexually dimorphic species – divided into males and females. Intersex conditions are a product of errors in the development of a foetus, which is still male or female. 

This is a fantastic example of an incredibly misleading though not technically false bit of corporate propaganda. 

The first sentence is pure obfuscation. Yes, trans athletes have varied athletic performances just like everyone else. It is also true that there are large ants and small elephants. 

The second sentence is revealing in what it does not say. If they could, they would say that cis girls consistently perform as well as or better than transgender competitors. But they don’t, because that would be inaccurate. Instead they have to fall back on pointing out that some female athletes are at least on the same level as their trans counterparts. This does not account for the girls who are not on the same level and find themselves excluded, their places taken on sports teams and in competitions by people who should be trying out for the boys teams. 

‘Gender policing’, that is, keeping men out, is a necessary part of women’s sports. If the ACLU is opposed to any form of gender policing then they could not object to cis males on women’s teams either. 

Trans people belong on the teams appropriate for their sex – if they make the cut – just like everyone else. There is nothing unfair about making male players play on male sports teams. The girls who find themselves excluded due to not having the same physical abilities as their male counterparts will be the ones to suffer detrimental effects to their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

This shocking but not surprising series of claims from the ACLU demonstrates the total capture of the organisation by zealots. 

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  1. The person who wrote those tweets is a female to male transperson And an ACLU attorney. And has called for censorship of books and authors that go against trans ideology. Sad, huh?

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