The Balkanized States of America Pt1: ‘A Myth For The Ages’

America’s cultural, political and social division is leading towards the balkanization of the nation – with potentially disastrous consequences. The Balkanized States of America What disturbs me most about using this kind of header is what it implies, especially for eagle-eyed critics on Google. The unfortunate truth is that this idea of a “Balkanized” United […] Read more

Are the Democrats Running on Economics or Identity?

The 2018 midterm elections are mere weeks away. What is the economic message the Democrats are pushing in their attempt to win back the House and Senate? In the leadup to the midterm elections, the economy, as always, is front and centre in the minds of US voters. The US economy is relatively strong at […] Read more

The Symbolic Death of John McCain

Historians telling the story of the Trump era will undoubtedly remark on the death of John McCain as a moment of immense significance. The corrosive effects of Trump, including the sowing of discord, division and the abandonment of truth are now all too apparent. Both symptom and cause of the decline in decency and civic […] Read more

Learning Uncomfortably: An Interview with Zach Wood of ‘Uncomfortable Learning’

Conatus News Editor-In-Chief Lucas Lynch spoke with Zach Wood of ‘Uncomfortable Learning’ on the Schism Podcast on the importance of honest engagement with dangerous ideas. A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Zach Wood, a recent graduate of Williams College, where he was the president of “Uncomfortable […] Read more