An Interview with Mikey Weinstein – Founder & President, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)

Mikey Weinstein is the Founder & President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Not only that, Weinstein is, arguably, the founder of the fight against the Evangelical intrusion into the military system. an intrusion which has breached the separation of church and state. Mikey is on the front-lines. He tells the what, the how, and the why in this interview with Scott. Read more

An Interview with Tyler Owen, President of Tri-State Humanists

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What’s the short story regarding your coming into humanism? I’ve found that many Humanists come from a Christian background, and I’m no exception. I was raised as a conservative Christian in middle-America, but even as a child I found that my church seemed more interested in self-aggrandising and sermonising than in applying […] Read more

Interview with Dr. Nora Repo

Nora Repo is a Finnish Doctor of philosophy who specialises in Islam in the Balkans and has a lot of experience in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue initiatives. Her doctoral dissertation covered Albanian women in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia which identified some very interesting tendencies in interplay of identities, Islam and religiosity. Read more

Making Humanism Happen in Nigeria: A labour of Love

Though there are still daunting challenges, the prospects of a rational alternative to religion are bright and promising. Humanism is really set to become an effective alternative to religion in Nigeria and the Nigerian Humanist Movement is positioned to midwife this critical process. Read more