An “Ever-closer Union” is Driving the EU Further Apart

The Drive Towards a United Europe is Self-defeating. With 60 years having passed since the Treaty of Rome, the European Union and its predecessors have now shaped Europe for almost as long as the Soviet Union did. It is not an unnoticed irony that the EU’s 60th has coincided with the confirmation of the United […] Read more

Reflections on the Gender Pay Gap

By Beatrice Louis and Scott Douglas Jacobsen #EqualPayDay is over. With it, we find the regular slew of mutual recriminations. While liberals resolved to fight the good fight to decrease the gender pay gap, Conservatives have re-posted and rebooted a number of videos, and articles, intent on destroying what they like to phrase as the ‘pay […] Read more

Stop Telling Secular Western Women to be Quiet

Today, I got up and opened my laptop. Immediately, I see a barrage of comments and inbox messages calling me a ‘feminazi’ a ‘slut’ and a ‘stupid c****’. My crime? I made a sarcastic post on modesty culture. Did I ‘ask for it’ by publicly flaunting my views? Should I just shut up? It’s 4pm […] Read more

An Interview with Jim G. Helton – President of Tri-State Freethinkers

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So many terms float around the Web, but they’re generally overlapping, such as secular humanist, bright, and so on. For the Tri-State Freethinkers, what is the definition of a freethinker? Basically, somebody who makes decisions using science, logic, and reason without dogma. How did you become a freethinker? It started with my […] Read more