Former Mermaids Marketing Officer Blames Dr Moody in Fake Suicide Threat

Mermaids, a charity for parents of supposedly transgender children, had a marketing officer whose behaviour raises a number of questions.

Helen Islan, former marketing officer for Mermaids, appears to have been taken in by a fake suicide threat concocted by a disturbed attention-seeking individual. Despite the obviously manipulative nature of such tactics, Helen saw fit to point the blame solely at Dr Louise Moody.

The suicide threat – involving what are apparently contraceptive pills.

Those who are familiar with the tactics and methods of abusers will recognise the approach for what it is – as Dr Moody herself demonstrated.

What Helen refers to as a ‘lack of compassion’ should be recognised as a commendable response to attempted emotional manipulation.

The behaviour of Mermaids’ former marketing officer raises serious concerns about the charity’s levels of training and suitability to handle children with serious issues.

Helen Islan had previously come to our attention when she attempted to take a transsexual person to court for ‘transphobia’ despite not being transgender herself.

Dan Fisher is the Editor-in-Chief for Uncommon Ground Media.

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  • Posted by Anti-TERF League

    19 October, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    You need to learn some manners, Fisher. It's MISS Hayden to you, gobshite. You also need to stop telling lies as well. And you can get the police. Let's see who they believe. Especially when I report you to them for attempting to harass a witness in a court case...

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