Scott Newgent: Let’s Focus On Stopping the Transition of Children

Scott Newgent responds to assertions made in a recent article published on Uncommon Ground Media with a call to focus on the issue at hand.

This statement will also be published on Scott Newgent’s website,

Whatever you think of my identity or decisions is a moot point for me. What is most important to me is that we raise the alarm on transitioning gender-confused children and adolescents. Full stop: that is my mission. As they say, politics makes strange bedfellows. To see feminists, lesbians, fundamentalists, Christians, men, and trans adults come together on an issue is genuinely fascinating and should show the world this alarm is worth raising. It also should be a lesson that if we can come together to save our children, we can again come together on other issues.

I have pondered whether to rebut the plethora of errors in the article and even contemplated a defamation suit, but after more thought, I have decided that it doesn’t matter. It’s hard to see someone’s sincerity through a screen or on a video; I get that. But I will cover the errors on my very brief respite and finances.

To clarify, I bowed out for three days of the trans debate because I don’t do anything halfway. To get people’s attention, you have to make it personal. I regularly split my chest open for the world to see, and at times the criticism and vitriol gets to me since I am human.

As for finances, $10,000 was not the correct amount raised; it was $7000. I will detail the spending below.

While I was recovering from my transition, I studied trans healthcare, and the progression of human rights changes internationally. I suspected and was right that the UK was going to be the starting point, and so I studied and studied. I also spent six months trying to break into the mainstream media with facts that policymakers need to know, without success. So, I bought the media. As an advertising executive, my career experience gave me insight into how to play the PR game, so I used it. Every time someone googled ‘Mermaids/Stonewall,’ a ‘TReVoices video’ popped up. For the first time, MPs and everyone were seeing trans adults pushing against radical trans ideology. A perfect storm of Transgender Trend, trans adults, JK Rowling, feminists, and parents came together and look at what happened. I believe I made the right decision. In the eight weeks of my marketing, several things happened:

Self ID – Banished by British Parlament Mermaid’s/Stonewall – Booted from British Schools

BBC – Erased Mermaids from site US Federal Bill Announced – Biological Girls Sports Only

I am not saying it was solely because of TReVoice’s marketing; what I am saying is the perfect storm happened. People came together and important changes were made.

Moveover, for three months I emailed or called more than 5000 politicians worldwide. I was relentless, and such a pain in their sides that they had to pay attention to me because if what I was saying were true, they knew they would be held liable and could not ignore me. If you focus one person for ten minutes on the facts, none will come away believing medically transitioning kids is the right thing to do. Thus, I launched TReVoices and planned a speaking tour to spread the word further.

While I did receive donations, they were not enough to fund the tour, and I was getting nowhere with corporate sponsorship. I refused a $1200 donation because TReVoices didn’t need it, and I didn’t want to not deliver, so I re-aligned my already received donations to focus on maintaining my website and media blitz while I keep looking for corporate sponsorship. I could have kept accepting funds for the tour, but I did not.

I believe now more than ever, as I have always believed and will not back down, that the fastest way to extricate children from the grasps of pharmaceutical companies and greedy corporations persuading them they are trans is for trans adults to step up. This belief is not because I believe we are better humans; instead, we have a shock effect that makes people look, and for a brief moment, we have an opportunity to look someone in the eye – and it’s priceless. We are essentially accepting the job as the oddity in the circus, taking in the glares of judgment, laughter, and contempt, using this to save kids. Being trans is nothing to be celebrated, and believing so is I feel inaccurate.

Let’s make history and unite, or we can repeat history and fight; it’s up to us. Once again, my hand is reaching out to work together on stopping the medical transition of gender-confused children – will you accept?

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Article Discussion

  • Posted by Trunchbull

    9 October, 2020 at 1:50 am

    Interesting to hear you say that you don't do anything halfway, when you're perpetuating transgenderism and consorting with a pornographer, and simultaneously claiming to be on the side of other women against TRAs. Keep fighting for kids. I'm glad you're doing that work; I think we all are. But you're still perpetuating doublethink. You might help us win one battle, but in the larger war your input is counterproductive, and Angel's presence is downright toxic.

  • Posted by FB Marshall

    8 October, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    She never seems to learn her lesson: In her own (now deleted tweet) from Sept. 30, 2020 she announced "I am bowing out of the trans debate, I need to focus on my work and limit my time. Everyone pulls me every which way, this bill, write this for PR and no one donates for my time and I cannot do it anymore It's horrible what's happening to kids, but mine have suffered long enough." She received the MOST LIKES on that one that she’s just about ever received. She then followed that with a tweet, "But, with that said, my focus needs to be building my career back. I was wanting to do this full time & pretty much have been for a year believing my work would allow me to do so. My belief was wrong." The truth is is that she is a mother of three kids. She stated that hers "have suffered long enough." FACTS: 1) She was not successful to secure a sponsor in her campaign to travel to cities across the U.K. 2) She dropped the campaign supposedly to place attention back on her children. Why didn't she stick with this announcement? Instead she chooses to swing back, is actively seeking funds again as she claims to have had ANY effect on our efforts already in the U.K. that have been going on for years working towards the monumental trial we are now witnessing with the truly brave young detransitioner, Keira Bell. What arrogance this American wannabe ‘rescuer’ of women and children indeed. We do not need her to join in a ‘tour’ with our own AGP’s who’ve already taken away opportunities for real women to speak on how this ideology has destroyed our communities. Our AGP’s have their day coming soon and we will not tolerate their presence without fighting back more forcefully than ever now. We do not need her to bring along her pornographer friend with all her baggage of teaching very confused others like herself to masturbate like a man using her new sex toy. We are not interested in Kellie’s attention seeking efforts. And the article that prompted her to jump back in her saddle? It was a Godsend. Thank you UCG for having the courage to publish that analysis. Much needed.

    • You are paying way to much attention to me, LOL...My lord.

      • Posted by MK Marshall

        10 October, 2020 at 10:30 pm

        ...and that YOU are not yourself is what screams volumes Kellie. (Oh wait!! Hear that?! I think I hear three children yelling, "Mom! We're hungry for attention!") Please stay in Texas and just live your best life. In your own country they are not even asking you to come to Ohio any longer. Baroness Nicholson is not going to save you. If you do by some miracle come over here with your 'cavalry', you will be met with fierce opposition and only further embarrassment. Swallow your testosterone-filled pride, accept your failures and stop doing damage to children and adults. It's enough that a small town in Texas already has to.

        • Posted by Scott Newgent

          16 October, 2020 at 4:21 pm

          MK I sincerely and with the utmost empathy feel deeply deeply sorry for you. My Lord, you scream as a miserable human being. No one should be as miserable as you come across. We all have a journey and I hope your journey brings you some light soon, I can't imagine what your life must be like.

          • Posted by Jarinda Wellingsby

            18 October, 2020 at 8:24 am

            Your continued effort (mainly on twitter as it's your dairy) indicates that you understand just how you have no support and only clear unfavorable responses to your feeble asks for money. Money that you've never been transparent about and everyone sees how you deleted your gofundme campaign. Your act as if everyone else is 'miserable' and how you're embarrassed to be a human being because others are calling you out is the gift that keeps on giving. The public knowing now more about the grifting activities has clearly made another chink in your chain of deception. You still don't get that the article that merely used you as one example of a delusional monetizing character in your own story of creation was about challenging others to see themselves for how they've been groomed and duped as you yourself have been groomed and duped. Big pharma loves you Kellie - and you've married it now - for life. You chose this life and you must be so mad at yourself for not doing the research on Crane, not thinking through the consequences, not putting the safety of your own kids first, and not thinking of anyone but yourself. We all see it and you keep digging your hole deeper and deeper. You will not have a career and feed your kids on touring with your AGP's and pornographer who has fallen quickly in a matter of just a few weeks.You should have stopped while you were ahead because you're only making it worse.

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