Why Triple Talaq, Notorious Option of Unilateral Divorce By Men, is in Fact Anti-Islamic

Triple Talaq, the “right” to instant divorce by Muslim husbands as mandated in Sharia law, violates the Quran and the Prophet Mohammad. We Muslims need to start by understanding this fact – even if a husband does not instantly divorce his wife, as the custom of triple talaq allows him to do his “right” to […] Read more

Islam vs. Islamism: The Birth of Totalitarian Theology

Islamist terrorists and theocrats hold beliefs quite different from those of ordinary Muslims. But where does radical Islamism originate from? In the 20th century, the world faced two major totalitarian threats, one in the form of fascism that was spearheaded by Nazi Germany, and the other in the form of communism, spearheaded by the Soviet […] Read more

Lebanon’s Syrian Refugees Face An Uncertain Future

While Assad prepares for a post-war order, Syrian refugees in Lebanon face an uncertain future, making their presence even more precarious. Driving north from Lebanon ́s capital Beirut, we reach the Bekaa Valley and its biggest city, Baalbeck. Fields and small villages along the road dominate the scenery. Beyond the mountain range to our right, […] Read more

Secular Therapy: Ending the Dogma of Alcoholics Anonymous

Dr. Caleb W. Lack talks to Conatus News on the dangers of some cult-like Alcoholics Anonymous groups and how secular therapy can help. Dr. Caleb W. Lack, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma, and the Director of the Secular Therapist Project. Dr. Lack is the author […] Read more

Really Mr. Dawkins, Are Petty Comparisons Your Style Now?

To answer your question in good faith, Mr. Dawkins, yes, it is your cultural upbringing. But your tweet wasn't really about that, was it? Read more

Iranian Baha’i Forced to Choose Between Exile and Imprisonment

A Baha'i man in Mahabad, Iran, is being forced to choose between exile and imprisonment, due to his religion.  Read more

What Drives Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Polarising And Authoritarian Prime Minister?

‘Bibi’, Anshel Pfeffer’s biography of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu is an insightful examination of the most dominant figure in recent Israeli political history. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is among the most influential, controversial, and divisive modern political leaders. Currently holding the longest continuous term of any Israeli Prime Minister, he is due to overtake David Ben […] Read more