The Fallacy of “Woke Anti-Science”

The claim that science is inherently untrustworthy because of past errors is fallacious and shows a lack of understanding of the scientific method. “Remember, science can’t be trusted because of the history of phrenology and eugenics”. Strange how nobody thinks science can’t be trusted because scientists once posited the existence of “ether” – the imagined […] Read more

Sceptic Amardeo Sarma on Humanism and Rationalism in the West

German sceptic Amardeo Sarma discusses critically analysing entrenched belief systems, including religion and a shockingly fervent homeopathic movement. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Was there a family background in humanism or rationalism for you? Amardeo Sarma: No, because both my parents were moderately religious. In fact, to give you an example, when I grew up, my father […] Read more

When Bad Regulation Stops You From Earning

Many occupational licensing laws, though made with the best intentions, place unnecessary barriers to entering the workforce and need a rethink. Occupational licensing is a hot topic among economists, policy researchers and wonks at present. Though it has not received the same level of attention of other economic issues in recent times, such as those […] Read more

Liberal Islam and Migrant Integration with Seyran Ateş

Seyran Ateş, a lawyer and feminist activist, speaks with Conatus News about law, faith, feminism, and integrating migrants in Western societies. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: To begin, what was your background in faith and feminism? Insofar as I know, you are of Kurdish descent. Seyran Ateş: My mother is Turkish. My father is Kurdish. He died in 2014. […] Read more

Iranian Dreams: Exiles Describe Their Ideal Iran

We asked four Iranians, persecuted for varying religious and political reasons unable to return to their country what their ideal Iran looks like. The recent protests in Iran have sent a clear message that Iranians are unhappy with the state of their country. From economic policies to strictly enforced religious laws, Iranians are fed up […] Read more

The Enlightenment, Humanism and Morality with Dr Stephen Law

In Part 4 of this interview series, Dr Stephen Law speaks to Conatus News about the Enlightenment, Humanism, Morality and more. Scott Jacobsen: New data and analysis make arguments for humanism and positive progress based on Enlightenment values and scientific discovery easier now. Some of the most prominent humanists, including Professor Steven Pinker in Enlightenment […] Read more